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Beryl recognised for exceptional environmental and social performance

We're proud to announce that Beryl has successfully been re-certified as a B-Corporation company for another three years.

But what does that mean to our users? Why is it important and, ultimately, why should people care?

On a basic level, to be B-Corp certified is to be recognised for meeting exceptional standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. The B-impact assessment evaluates how the company has acted on its commitment by reviewing five impact areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, Customers.

This means that we must not only operate sustainably, but also have a positive impact on the areas where we run schemes, valuing societal and environmental impact as equally as profitability.

We’ve grown a lot since we first started our journey as a B-Corp company three years ago and now have several multi-modal schemes dotted across the UK, with more in the pipeline for later this year.

Such rapid growth has presented us with opportunities to demonstrate our commitment to the certification and integrate within the social fabric of the areas where we operate.

For example, we work with the Hereford Cycle Hub - a non-profit organisation aiming to improve people's lives in Herefordshire through the joy of two wheels. Beryl uses Hereford Pedicabs and Cargo to manage their on-street operations and they subcontract the maintenance of the bikes to the hub. Working with various employment and mental health charities, the hub then offers people the chance to learn new skills and hobbies. Such schemes can not only boost people’s employability but can also provide a sense of purpose, self-worth and confidence that may have previously been damaged.

As a company we aim to inspire more people to take up two-wheeled travel options to reduce road congestion and improve air quality and public health. It's central to our ethos that we operate sustainably and we’ve introduced a number of initiatives to this effect. With the help of our Tyre and inner tube recycling partner Velorim for example, we recycled 750kgs of tyres and 260kgs of innertubes in 2021, preventing them from going into landfills in 2021. The lithium batteries that power our e-bikes and e-scooters are also recycled via our partnership with Ecolamp.

By taking our commitment seriously and developing such initiatives as these (and many more) we were able to score 89 in our latest assessment, putting us way ahead of the 80 threshold required for recertification.

The aim now is to raise our game even further and ensure our commitment to B-Corp remains steadfast as we head towards our next reassessment in 2025.

The implementation of this commitment is assessed through A company needs to pass this rigorous assessment with a score of at least 80 in order to qualify as a B-Corp, Beryl scored 89 in its last assessment, securing its place as B-Corp until 2025.