This Bike Light Projects An Image Of A Bike, So Cars Know What’s Coming

5th December 2014

For cyclists, the most dangerous place on the road is just behind a vehicle going in the same direction. When a car or truck makes a right turn, a cyclist is not far enough back to be seen in the rear-view mirror, and not far enough in front to be spotted from the windshield. The cyclist is invisible, unless drivers take a conscious look over their shoulders.

It’s this problem that the Blaze light tries to solve. By projecting a green image of a bike a few feet in front of its wheel, the light effectively elongates a bike’s presence on the road, telling people it’s arriving before it gets there. It’s an elegant answer to the perennial blind spot issue.

"Having a bigger footprint on the road helps you be seen in time,” says Emily Brooke, a young British designer who first developed the concept at college in 2011.